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Jonas Löfvendahl is a freelance journalist, published author and podradio host. He´s worked for Swedish newspapers as Dagens Industri (DI) and Göteborgs-Posten (GP) but also done B2B publications, inhousemagazines, chronicles, ghost-writing, translations and fiction.

He has a degree in journalism from the University of Gothenburg and currently works fulltime as a Communications Officer at Chalmers Industriteknik. 

In 2013 he ghost-wrote the book “Visioner & Transmissioner” for J-O Jungersten and also translated it into English. It tells the incredible story of the graphic industry. Send a buck to Unicef and the book will be yours. Buy it here!

In 2015 he wrote the travelogue “Island – på bakgator och villovägar” together with photographer Nicklas Elmrin. They present one of the worlds hottest tourist destinations in a new and poetic manner, way off the beaten track. Buy it here!

In 2016 he wrote the book “Låt din hjärna blomma” for Ulrika Ahlqvist and Hjärnberikad AB. It’s an amazing tale of 10 simple steps that’ll sharpen and develop your brain. It’s cutting edge science hand in hand with practical tools and useful advice. Buy it here!

In 2018 he helped J-O Jungersten at Visutech to write the book “Transmission – transform the Packaging

industry”. It was released at Scanpack 2018 and covers the exciting future of the digital packaging market, in English. 100% of the revenues from book sales goes to Unicef! Buy it here!


Island – på bakgator och villovägar kom ut i bokhandeln 2016. Häng med på en resa du aldrig glömmer.

Lyssna på ett P4-inslag om boken här: Sveriges Radio.


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